You can’t extinguish it…

It’s like no other… God’s Light. 

It’s not like a candle light that you can snuff out on a whim.  It’s more like the light of the sun, which always shines.

I feel awed. Just think… you can never extinguish this Light.  You can hide it… deny it… block it… reject it… run away from it… ignore it… turn your back on it… and even destroy the vessel that holds it. But you will never be able to extinguish or escape it. It was there long before you came on the scene… and it will still be there long after you’re gone.

It was there in the beginning… and will still be there when all else ends.

And even the darkest darkness cannot overwhelm it; instead it makes the Light shine brighter.

I find all this to be mind-blowing… yet comforting. No matter what, God’s Light and Life will always shine through in the midst of the deepest darkness.

“…the people living in darkness have seen a great light.”  Matthew 4:16

It awes me.  And this verse just barely touches on its wonder….  




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