Yes! Connect the dots…


Don’t you love it when you’re suddenly hit with clarity on something that’s nagged at you for a while?  I sure do!  To me those times are like receiving little gifts of joy that spring to life when that final bit of paper is pushed back to reveal your once hidden gift!  That happened to me again this morning.  I just connected the dots about the dreaded word, “Judgment”, and felt awed by it.

God first judges a nation out of mercy! 
Judgment first comes as a wake up call to our
need to follow 
2 Chronicles 7:14 

So, yes! I agree with those who believe we are experiencing God’s judgment for our waywardness as a Nation. And we deserve His judgment too!  But the good news is I believe it’s at a stage designed for our good… not our destruction!  God wants it to wake us up with an urgent alarm we can’t ignore!  He’s warning us of the danger we’re in as a body of believers and country, unless we correct our course and follow his instructions in 2 Chronicles.  

Is he now mercifully allowing us a few years reprieve, as I’ve heard some say? …waiting for us “who are called by His name” to either push the snooze button so we can roll over and return to sleep, or heed the alarm and rouse ourselves to needed action?  Knowing he is a merciful God, I can picture Him doing so.  He’s waiting.  He’s listening.  He’s eager to restore.   

“…when my people humble themselves—the ones who are called by my name—and pray, seek me, and turn away from their evil practices, I myself will listen from heaven, I will pardon their sins, and I will restore their land.” (ISV)

That’s such an encouraging promise! But it’s a 3 point conditional one too.  If we tend to think we’re OK (and it’s the other guy (or gal) who needs to get their act together!) just to be on the safe side don’t you think it would be wise if we each examine our heart as we take a long hard look at what Jesus had to say to His churches in the book of Revelation?  I do!

My prayer is we won’t follow in Israel’s footsteps and foolishly continue in our waywardness.  But instead we will wisely get back on track, so we won’t miss out on the blessings of being “overcomers” individually or as a nation!

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