PRINTABLE GUIDE: “New Life” from Birth to Maturity


Its two-fold purpose is designed to help us cut through all the confusion, opinions and speculations we hear about what it means to be “Saved” and have a new life in Christ. We’ve gone straight to the Bible to answer those questions, and provided it for you in an easy to follow and understand format.

 •  It’s a self-evaluation tool so you can know with certainty where you stand with God.

•  It’s a guide to show us how we can mature well in our “New Life” relationship with God and our Faith, and in our daily walk with Christ so we can better reflect Him to others, and know what it means to live in victory and peace with ourselves and with God. 

•  It can be used as a Bible Study guide for your private devotions or for a group study.

ABOUT THE “NEW LIFE” GUIDE:  Click on the images  to see our printable PDFs with convenient active links that can help you check things out for yourself. HOWEVER, before printing or sharing, first go to my “Copyright…Please Read” note below. Thank you!

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You can trust the Guide it’s straight from the Bible

With all the differing voices and opinions around us (even among churches) about the Christian faith and what it means to “Follow Christ”, a person can’t help but doubtfully ask, “Is there truly a way we can know what’s true and what’s not about the Christian Faith?” I’m thankful to be able to answer that with a resounding, “Yes we can!”  But it comes with a big if. “IF“… we go to the only authentic authority we have.  It’s not a person or group. It’s what we often call, “God’s Word”, the Bible.  God worked through his ancient prophets, the Disciples of Jesus and other of his Followers He selected to leave us letters and writings that open our eyes to the life that comes, and helps us through the “thick and thin” of the here and now. But best of all, they point us to our loving God and His Son Jesus, so we can be assured of His love, mercy and forgiveness, if we accept it.  He IS the answer; He is our Hope.

Think of the Bible as being the Christian’s combination “History Book”, “Handbook” and “Guidebook” for Life, all rolled into one. 

This handy New Life guide is based directly on scripture found in the Bible, “God’s Word”.  We also asked a Professor of Theology and other Bible scholars to review the New Life Guide to insure it’s Biblical accuracy, before passing it on to you.

COPYRIGHT AND USAGE INFO. PLEASE READ:  This chart with all its content is proprietary information, but is free to you, and we encourage you to share it with others. HOWEVER, we ask that you please read and understand the following restrictions carefully.

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