What’s the problem?

Are you one who tends to agree with those who say our world would be better off without religion?  In a way I do!  But are we missing something here when we do?  This morning I began thinking how more and more are voicing the notion that all “religions” in general are the root of most (if not all) of mankind’s problems. Which leads them to think that if we could somehow rid ourselves of all religions, we would automatically rid ourselves of the world’s greatest problems.

I must admit on the surface it might look that way, but is it true?  That’s why I called it only a “notion,” for when we think it through the idea is faulty and falls flat on its face for a very good reason!

Even if someone managed to do what these misguided people want, and successfully stripped all “religions” from our midst, mankind’s dark side, the real cause of it all, would still remain with all its ugly crud of evil hatred, greed, power hunger, and self-serving desires.  Which means all we would do is find other “causes” that would help us validate in our own eyes, our unseemly and abhorrent behavior toward one another.

No. The problem is pretty clear. We just don’t like it resides in each of us, not any “religion”.  It’s ironic that in trying to rid ourselves of what we see as the problem, we’re not recognizing that it holds the answer to the our solution.

It’s found in God.

It’s what we believe about Him, and how we disrespectfully treat Him, that’s the problem.  For only He who made us is able to remove the darkness (the real root of our problem) from our hearts so He can replace it with life-giving Light.

We keep forgetting that light only exposures and dispels what is dark, it can’t ever create it.

“All kinds of evil thoughts and actions come from the human heart: like murder, sexual unfaithfulness and immorality, stealing, falsely accusing others of evil doings, maligning, slandering, bullying, denigrating, besmirching of others.”  (Based on Matthew 15:19)

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt (wicked): who can understand it?!”  (Jeremiah 17:9)

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