The Secret Book

Come imagine with me. What if I told you a secret? That I actually have in my possession an invaluable book. It, along with other writings, was passed down through my family for generations, and now to me.  And I further revealed that it is a one-of-a-kind manuscript that holds the recorded secrets of ancient prophets and seers, valuable knowledge thought to have been lost to humanity generations ago; secrets that hold the answer to all that plagues the world today.

Can you imagine how my life would change when the news got out?! Think about it.

The heads of both private and public Museums would be in a bidding war to secure the ancient treasure just so they can receive worldwide recognition for themselves and their institution with its procurement. (Which by the way would also make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams!) Reporters, along with people off the street who learned my identity, friends and acquaintances who knew how to find me… all would be continually and mercilessly hounding me for more tidbits of information they could use to personally benefit themselves and their families. (And let’s not forget, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and other social media outlets would soon be abuzz with the amazing, hopeful news too! …social media notables vying with one another to get the greatest number of “Likes” and “Shares”. Can’t you just see it?😉)  Self-serving antiquity collectors and the richest of elitists would be selfishly vying to secure the unique treasure so they could keep and use the knowledge for themselves too… plus I would be an easy target for both renowned and inexperienced thieves who would be so desperate to get their hands on this precious book they would be willing to kill me for it if they had to!      

There’s no denying it. After the news was out my life would be radically forever changed, one way or the other.

Yet this ancient manuscript is already freely available to us all. Many of you I’m sure already know where I’m headed. But please stay with me to possibly discover more. 

It’s true. Long ago the type of information I described was gathered from various ancient letters authored by notable spiritual leaders, then translated and recorded in a book, copies of which down through the centuries millions have had the information passed on to them as I had, and as you probably had too. But regrettably so many of us simply had no idea of its hidden value! Instead we naturally thought it just another old outdated book, written in an outdated style that made it difficult to read. Plus, as a society that prides itself in all the gains made educationally, scientifically, medically, and economically, we pridefully tend to believe it no longer applies to enlightened generations like ours, and see it as a useless, boring thing. At best it then becomes just a historic symbol of the past and tend to treat it as such. Consequently this invaluable book is now found in many homes, relegated to an out of the way shelf gathering dust, or tucked away somewhere in a drawer or box.

Around the world it is simply known as, “The Bible.” Ignored and forgotten by too many of us.

I now challenge you to do what I did. Take another look at this priceless book with fresh eyes of understanding.

Begin to see it for what it is. A gift; a treasure trove of information that when applied can not only enrich our lives in the here and now, but also offers rich insights from another realm that can shed light on mysteries that opens the door to wonders beyond our comprehension about our next life still to come.

Down through the ages it’s been called “The book of Life”, “a treasure”, “God’s Word”, and more for good reason. It holds the key to what most of us seek: a more peaceful, Utopian life for not only ourselves and loved ones, but for the entire world as well—if we take it in hand and apply its wisdom to our lives.

Let’s see how many of us take up my challenge, shall we?

I hope you do. For what do we have to lose that can possibly be greater than what we would gain?


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