So… you want God to bless you

Last night I decided to start rereading the book of Psalm again. I’ve read it many times, but it’s been awhile since I’ve dug into it to enjoy anew its many nuggets of insight, encouragement and wisdom.

But this morning a surprise awaited me. I saw those first three famous verses (Psalm 1:1-3) in a powerful new light. I first looked up the meaning of three words that seem to leap out at me, counsel, delight, and prosper, then found myself paraphrasing these familiar verses into our modern day setting, and amplifying their meaning.  It gave rich new meaning to what God is trying to tell us through these familiar words.  Come share them with me for it holds a wonderful promise.

Blessed is the one who chooses not to connect or associate with wrong-doers of this world… those who would counsel and influence you in your decision making… who feed you information, share their insights, opinions, guidance, opinion and views—all based on the world’s system and ideas.  Blessed too are those who do not associate with evil-doers, scoffers and mockers.

Instead, they are attentive, enticed and captivated by God and everything about Him… who want to please Him, and follow HIS counsel and insights, instructions and wisdom… who delights and finds joy in them and righteousness… who never waiver from keeping their focus on Him either!

It is THAT kind of person who will become like a tree that’s been planted and firmly rooted by a life-giving stream. Because it is, it never fails to bear fruit as it’s designed to do, which in turn nourishes others. And its leaves never wither from drought. Like the tree, they too thrive and prosper even in the hottest heat, continuing to grow strong and healthy in body soul and spirit!

No wonder this wonderful word picture of promise and assurance was chosen to launch the Book of Psalm. The writer laid it out well before us, the great benefits of making its wisdom and insights into the things of God, the focus of our lives.

It helps pull us in to discover the other riches that might lay ahead, just waiting for us to discover, or rediscover, them.

So what are you waiting for?!  Are you ready to dig into its rich treasures to discover what’s waiting for you on its pages and throughout your Bible, so you too can have God bless you?

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