Oh no! “Forgiveness”…again!

I don’t know about you, but so much has been written about our need to forgive that I feel I’ve heard it all. So whenever I see another write-up on the topic I tend to go right on past it. You too?

But this time please stop and don’t by-pass this one. I just learned something new on this very familiar topic that I believe can help us all with those “challenging” people in our lives

We all have “irregular” people in our lives, don’t we?

You know the kind. They can be a family member you, “love but don’t like”, a co-worker, someone from your church or in your social circle.  It doesn’t matter how they’re connected to us for the result is the same. No much how much we try to get along with them, or connect on a more meaningful level, we just don’t mesh, making us want to avoid them. It could be their personality or attitude, or that we both always seem to “march to a different beat”, as the saying goes. Perhaps they might even seem to always pull out the worst in us too!   Whatever it is, we continue to feel uncomfortable with them to one level or another. They just keep “rubbing us the wrong way”, reigniting feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, resentment… each time we’re forced together. Whatever negative emotion their presence brings, we just want to avoid them. Yet there’s something inside us that says we shouldn’t feel that way; then feelings of guilt might be added on top of our already raw emotions!

Can you relate to any of that? If we’re honest, I tend to believe the answer would be a strong, “Yes!” for us all.  So, is there a solution?  You bet there is!

It’s tied to “forgiveness”–but this time with a twist.

We need to forgive them for not being the type of person we either need them to be… wish they were… or expect them to be!

Think about it, Folks. When we release the power of forgiveness by practicing it, over time all the “fuel” that reignites those hated feelings fade away. They lose their grip on us. And they no longer overshadow our relationship. We are freed from the subconscious (or conscious) guilt too! When that happens an added bonus is we’re finally able to see the person in a new light, as God sees them.

Who knows, but when we’re able to see them through fresh eyes, we just might discover a new friend had laid hidden behind those blinding “irregularities” all along!

“God is good” everybody, “all the time”. And in our relationships too 🙂

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