Meaningful Light…

Light.  Everyone knows that without it life on this planet would die.  It’s hard to picture it, but every living thing — mankind, animal and plant — would perish.

Then this morning I started thinking how this is the same spiritually.  On a physical level we’re blessed to have life-giving light given to us through the sun.  While on a spiritual level we’re blessed to have Life-given Light given to us through the Son.

As most of you already know, that “Son” is Jesus, the Son of God, the “Light of Life”.  It is no accident he’s also called, “The Light of the World” either!  Notice the word, “The,” as in singular, not “A”, as in one out of many.  For there’s only one true Spiritual Light.

Each person born in this world, at one time or another is faced with choosing what to do with that same Light too. And it’s amazing the number of things we can do with it. To name only a few:

We can …

Deny its existence.

Hide it so others can’t be drawn to it.

Ignore it thinking it’s without benefit.

Accept it but keep it to ourselves.

Take it with you wherever you go.

Leave it behind when it gets in your way.

Cover it because we’re told it offends.

Mock it to put down its users.

Share it so others can grow by its light.

Mistreat it out of ignorance or by design.

Follow it.

But we cannot ever…

Extinguish it.

Blow it out.

Rid ourselves of it.

Change it.

Become it.

And most important of all…

Without God’s Light, we’re spiritually dead.

We will all be held accountable to it too.

I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” 
— Jesus

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