Learning from a lowly sponge…

Sometime I feel battered and bruised by the sickening storm of wrongs that surround us. You’ve probably felt the same, haven’t you? overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. So have you discovered the same solution I have? Which is stop looking to any one person or group (who invariably will fall short) to conquer the wrongs and set things right for us again. Instead, we’re to get our eyes and ears off faulty human beings and keep them focused on the One who’s already let us how to overcome it all.

How we do that is to be like a living sea sponge.

This simple creature thrives in all ocean climates by continually taking in and processing the vital nutrients hidden in the life-giving water it established itself in. In the same way we too can live in the life-giving water of God’s Word and faithfully process the vital spiritual nutrients hidden there.  As we do, just like the sponge, we too can thrive and are re-energize as needed, in spite of the storms that might rage around us.

If God set up an arrangement like that to take care of simple sponges… don’t you think He would do the same, and more, for us?


Photo Credit: http://cdn.sci-news.com/images/enlarge2/image_3659e-Sea-Sponges.jpg

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