How would YOU respond?

You know how some like to challenge others with a question that goes something like this, “If you were allowed only one more thought to leave your loved ones and the world before you died, what would it be?”  Well I’ve just been hit with a powerful way to answer.  It is this…

Mankind has no idea of the depth or fullness of riches that have been left to us from chosen Ancients, which can be found between the covers of a one-of-a-kind book, The Bible.

For those who have discovered its richness, they can find the answers to some of the world’s toughest questions.  They’re given the perfect Guide that sticks with them through every phase, challenge, and situation of life.  They can find Hope in the present and Hope for their future. They can possess the Keys needed to get the most out of Life!

Application of its Truths gives New Life to those who desire it… gives Victory over sin that betrays and enslaves us… grants Wisdom to those who ask for it… empowers us to become true Children of God… and prepares us to live in God’s Righteousness and eternal Kingdom!

Whatever is right and best for mankind, we can find it in this Book we can hold in our hands.

Yes. It is all that and more.

But the ultimate, most powerful thing of all is it introduces us to our Creator, the Almighty God of us all, and how we can not only have an unbelievable personal relationship with Him, but also enjoy peace and unity with those around us too.

So how would I respond to the question of what would my final thought and words be to leave with you?

“Lay aside any negative preconceived ideas you hold about the Bible and be willing to search out, pursue, receive, and live by all its abundant riches that God placed within it for us all.”

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