Goodbye 2017! Welcome 2018?

“Farewell 2017, Welcome 2018”, those words caught my eye in this emailed photo greeting from the Center for National Renewal. I think the “Farewell” appeals to many of us for we’re glad to see the year safely gone, and so eagerly welcomed 2018.
Don’t you wish with the flip of the year it would annihilate all that is wrong in our lives and the world? I must admit that sounds wonderfully good to me! But that’s not reality is it?  Yet the flip of the calendar does give us an opportunity to break from the past and start fresh with our lives. It gives us a year’s worth of life’s pages to write on. Now almost blank, the pages will soon record what we did with our days, and how we related with others and life… all the “good, bad, and the ugly” as the old saying goes. And then by the end of the year we have it to do all over again! A fun merry-go-round to be on, isn’t it? Not!
So in looking back I’m feeling thankful to be able to say this past year as I’ve been writing my 2017 pages I’ve unknowingly been solidifying a way to climb off the Merry-Go-Round!  It happens as we solidify our relationship with God.
I discovered that Merry-Go-Round is the world’s ideas and system of how to best live life to its fullest. But it invariably fails us, doesn’t it? I then discovered that by digging into the things of God and taking what He says in His Word more seriously, it develops a better understanding of things and reveals a whole new way to better fill in those pages. With the added bonus of it stopping the discouraging Merry-Go-Round ride so I could get off!
That is my hope for each of you this year, that you too can discover the benefits of digging deeper into the things of God… so you can start LIFE afresh… no longer just the year. 
Have a good day everyone!

Photo credit,  Center for National Renewal

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