Do-ers and Be-ers…

You’re right. It’s a crazy title, isn’t it?  But did you know God has called us to be both “do-ers” and “be-ers”? Oddly enough I used to see them as being essentially the same thing—but I recently learned they are not.

Part of my fixation with the word “be” began when I started thinking about all the “be-s” we can see in the Bible, like the well-known one, “BE holy for I am holy…”. And then we have more like, BE kind to one another… BE loving… BE at peace… BE faithful… BE understanding… BE merciful… and so on. Not long ago the word “be” seemed to keep nagging at me, like God was wanting me to understand something more about it than I was seeing.  So there I was for a while, dissecting and examining just two letters strung together to form the simple word, “BE”.

Thankfully as I started digging into this seemingly commonplace little word, I also started getting a glimmer of fresh insight into it. Did you know one of its meanings is associated with character?  That’s right. Our character. With that realization the light-bulb in my head started shining a bit brighter.

This little two-letter word carries a lot of weight, doesn’t it!  When you’re “be-ing” something, it means whatever you’re be-ing has became so much a part of you, your character, it’s now who you are! For example, when circumstances happen that call for you to be loving toward an unlovable person, you don’t even have to think about willing yourself to do it for it’s an automatic response. You just do it for its become a deeply entrenched part of your character! It’s who you now ARE.

This last little tidbit really drove this amazing insight home for me. Sometime we say, “God IS love.” Or, God IS merciful, and so on.  We say it because God is the literal embodiment of those things. Right? In the same way, we too can BE the embodiment of those things on a natural level! And THAT my friend is what God has wanted for us all along. To enable us to show what God IS to a lost and often confused world, by you and me BE-ing it! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that incredible realization. You too?

Yes. God has called us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.  But even more importantly, He told us to become “be-ers” of the Word.  Yes. Do-ers and Be-ers are two different things, yet they’re still connected.  Think of it this way…

“Do-ers who are committed to God’s guidance are Be-ers in training.”

Have I given you some good food for thought to chew on? I hope so, for it’s like discovering buried treasure to me, and I hope you feel the same.

Let me introduce one final important thought this way:
“’Be-ers’ are also ‘Do-ers’, but not all ‘Do-ers’ are ‘Be-ers’– and never will be.”  Do you know why?  It’s easy to play the role of a do-er (even non-believers can do so). But when we’re merely playing the role it rarely leads to becoming a Be-er. So we each need to ask ourselves, “Am I a Do-er so others will think better of me or to feel good about myself? If yes, you’re not on the Be-er training track.  Or am I a Do-er because I’m depending on God (or Christ) to help me become more like Him? Your honest answer might encourage you, for it can tell which you are and give you a glimpse of where it’s leading you.

So… BE encouraged, my Friends! 😉

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