Be Encouraged

  • Evelyn Alexander:  Contributor to “Share YOUR Story” page   |   Every time I read this story I feel encouraged for I can relate to the cracked pot and sometime need to be reminded that God can take what I see as a negative in my life and turn it around as
  • Spiritual Crossroad
    Evelyn Alexander Contributor to “Share YOUR Story” page   |   I came to personally know and actively serve the Lord as a child while still in grade school.  But as an adult, even though I had become a strong Christian and leader in my church, a combination of people’s failures and
  • Hope Posting
  • The Bible is full of Life and Treasures
    You know how some like to challenge others with a question that goes something like this, “If you were allowed only one more thought to leave your loved ones and the world before you died, what would it be?”  Well I’ve just been hit with a powerful way to answer. 
  • God's Waiting
    Don’t you love it when you’re suddenly hit with clarity on something that’s nagged at you for a while?  I sure do!  To me those times are like receiving little gifts of joy that spring to life when that final bit of paper is pushed back to reveal your once