Be Encouraged

  • Victory
    This morning I found myself comparing “condemnation” and “conviction”.  Knowing the difference truly can bring life or death, let me show you why. Satan’s condemns to tear us down. While God convicts to build us up. Condemnation judges and sentences us to a spirit of hopelessness While conviction points us
  • Baby Crawling
    One thing I believe most of us struggle with to one degree or another is the idea that hardship and struggles can “work together for our good.”   And, yes. This can be hard to understand for us Christians too! Can you relate? I started thinking about that this morning when
  • DOers and BEers
    You’re right. It’s a crazy title, isn’t it?  But did you know God has called us to be both “do-ers” and “be-ers”? Oddly enough I used to see them as being essentially the same thing—but I recently learned they are not. Part of my fixation with the word “be” began
  • Walking away from Christ
    Yesterday I noticed on social media that some Christians are expressing their dismay and surprise, evidently over the shocking number of well know public personalities who have recently announced they’ve decided to “leave the Faith”. Their names aren’t important, but the reason we could be seeing this happen sure is!
  • Are you haunted by past failures?  You’re not alone; I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be tied up in knots about it too. But I have good news! God wants us all to know that, “It’s true we can’t change the past. HOWEVER, we CAN loosen and
  • Faith Trust Know post
    God’s truths or insights can sure hit at some pretty unexpected times, can’t they?!  Earlier today I just had another, which some call might call an “epiphany”.  But I call it a “God thing.” I confess.  For a long time when thinking about “Faith” and “Trust” I would keep seeing