Autism stole his words. Did God give him a voice?

On the surface this story seems impossible. But yet it happened and the story continues to unfold. Josiah, who’s now 12 was less than 2 when this once bright, happy-go-lucky boy began slipping away from those who loved him into an unknown world.  After months of intensive testing, Tahni Cullen and her husband were called into a meeting room with a team of specialists. There they were handed a folder with the name of the world into which their son had slipped.  Boldly printed across the top were the dreaded words, “Autism Spectrum Disorder.”  

Thus began their journey of learning how to hope in the face of none; not just cope as they were told they needed to. The next 5 years began a cycle of dashed hopes and working with therapists to find a way they could again connect with their son who now lived in his own unseen world.

Until he was around 7.  His mom had just read him the story of the blind man that Jesus healed. She then laid in front of him slips of paper with the words, “Play” and “Heal”, and asked him which Jesus did. He pointed to the word, “Heal” (which I’m sure made her heart sing!) And then she asked him to type out and spell on a special iPad the letters of the word he had just pointed to.   He pressed the “G”. (I’m sure Mom fought off that familiar disappointment.) And then he pressed the “O”.  “Go”?  She asked.  But before too long he had written a complete sentence that came from his own heart, “God is a good gift giver.”

His shocked Mom told him, “Yes. But how do you know this?!” And he further stunned his mom when he wrote, “God is very capable.”  From there on Mom and Dad had to change how they saw God and how they believed he works among us.

I won’t tell you the rest of the story for it’s a special one you need to discover for yourself. So I’m leaving a link to his FB page and their book below.  But for now, I want to share with you the tremendous insight he shared (through his iPad) about the Trinity… a topic that most of us have trouble comprehending! Josiah wrote these amazingly insightful words…

In the Trinity the Father is the manager, the Son is the lover of operations, Holy Spirit is the worker.  So it’s the Three In One getting things done. He is Papa, He is Healer, He is Helper. The world was created by only three functions that went like this:  Father thought it, Son loved it, Holy Spirit carried out the plan.

That is how the Trinity works, Mom.  So man must voice, “Father, what do you think? Jesus, what do you love? Holy Spirit, what should we do about it?”  That’s our mission.

Written by Josiah Cullen
when about 7

Truly, “God is VERY capable!”

Josiah’s Facebook Page (with comments from his Mom): “Josiah’s Fire
Book: “Josiah’s Fire” (Amazon link)

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