An Epiphany? …or a God Thing?

Faith Trust Know postGod’s truths or insights can sure hit at some pretty unexpected times, can’t they?!  Earlier today I just had another, which some call might call an “epiphany”.  But I call it a “God thing.”

I confess.  For a long time when thinking about “Faith” and “Trust” I would keep seeing them as essentially the same thing. Yet something kept nagging at me that wasn’t so. There was an important difference that kept eluding (and bugging) me! Today, when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I suddenly got the picture:

“TRUST is what cements FAITH into place in our hearts.” And then this critical second part in the form of a question about trust immediately followed:  “…and how can we TRUST someone we haven’t taken the time to really know?!”

In just two short thoughts, I understood that if we desire to build (or increase) our faith, we need to first increase our trust. And to increase our trust, we need to consistently spend more quality time getting to REALLY know the one we’ve put our Faith in.

Do you see it? It’s a steadily increasing cycle of Faith, Relationship, and Trust! The three working together is what makes for a strong unshakable Faith during times of both plenty and adversities.

We sure serve a pretty amazing God, don’t we?!


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