An “Aha!” Moment

HERE’S A QUICK THOT – I just had an, “Aha!” moment. You know, one of those brilliant flashes of insight that go off in your head. Where out of the blue you can “see” an explosion of light with a thought. (Gee, I wonder if that’s where the term, “brilliant thought”, or idea, comes from?! But I digress.)

Do you ever say to yourself something like, “I want to discover God’s will for my life.” Or, “I need to learn what God wants me to do about this or that.” Or something along that line? Yet it often seems we never quite arrive there.

Well it hit me that instead of needing to “discover” or “learn” these things, many times it’s simpler than that; we just need to let go and let God do them through us! It’s letting go and trusting that he will guide us through a mine field of a situation. Or letting go and trusting He will be able to guide you as needed when the time comes.

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