Our Purpose

Welcome to “Wall Postings for the Soul”

We’re glad you’re here.  My hope is that you’ll find these thoughts and musings I’ve shared about life as helpful as I did while discovering and processing them for myself.

Life can get tough at times, can’t it? Yes. Life’s journey can bring us many joys and pleasures that can have us riding high at times for years, but then invariably it can also bring us down pretty low too, with burdensome challenges, difficulties, and much grief.  Perhaps you might be at one of those low points even now. If you are, please know you’re not alone.

We have no problem with the good times; and we can even be somewhat content during those OK times!  But it’s those depressing, struggling, confusing times that can get to us all!  And one time I hit a doozy of a one.  I suddenly found myself at the bottom of a dark pit of despair, desperately looking for hope.

It took a long while, but I will be forever thankful for the tips and insights from others that slowly chipped away at the despair to help encourage and lift my lagging spirit—words that reminded me I’m not alone. Words of wisdom gained from experience that helped me overcome and be able to get back on the road of normalcy again.

Thus the reason for Wall Postings for the Soul.

Through Social Media I see so many who are in various stages of life, searching for answers and hope like I was. Since I’ve been there, seeing it awakened a desire in me to help.

Wall Postings for the Soul has been around for a while in various forms, but I’ve recently restructured my Blog to be a website that can become an on-line gathering place for posts and links that are “good for the soul”. A place where anyone can go at any time to find words of insight and wisdom, images, tips and tidbits that can help encourage and nurture our hearts, souls and minds, and support us as we grow and discover the richer things of life.

The best help I’ve ever come across in every situation is the insights and encouragement I gained through my Christian Faith and my walk with Christ, even when it led through the toughest of times! So He is the measuring stick I use for everything I post.  I use the WWJD principle: What Would Jesus Do? What would HE say about the post? I always strive for His stamp of approval.

So I invite you to come with me as I continue to explore and share what God tells us through the Scriptures, and the wisdom gained by others, about how to best live, conquer, and grow from those wonderful highs and inevitable lows points of life, and the OK times in between.

Peaceful Woman