Good news in spite of Politics!

I HAVE GOOD NEWS!  Are you tired of politics like I am? Then it might help you like it did me to remember: God knows the truth of what’s going on. And most of all, remembering our trust is in Him and not in any person or political agenda!

Regrettably there is no escaping it: we live in a politically charged time like America has never seen before.  It saddens me how we Americans have been so politically manipulated, we’ve become so detrimentally divisive with each other we’re blinded and deaf to the evidence that’s flashing and yelling before us, trying to get our attention, warning us of the deeply embedded corruption throughout Washington and beyond which can destroy our country from within.

Now before any of us start claiming it’s all the fault or ploy by a specific political party, (coincidentally, always the “other” party of course) I want to challenge us all to honestly rethink that. For the fact is, corruption on this scale, with so much power and wealth behind it, crosses ALL party lines and borders, and has successfully permeated and impacted not just the political arena, but EVERY area of our lives; our educational systems, families, financial, business, media, entertainment, social, and religious. (Sorry. But, yes. Christianity too.) And most of us have been naive victims of it!

…until recent years that is, when the corruption started being exposed. Isn’t it time we stop…  take a deep breath… and seek wisdom? So we can better become part of the solution and not inadvertently part of the problem?

I will leave you with some final commonly known facts to connect and chew on, if you’re open to it:  Corruption of this magnitude was embedded in Washington long before Trump came on the scene. Wasn’t it?  +  He campaigned on the promise to “drain the swamp” (expose & eradicate the corruption). Didn’t he?  +  Literally, within hours of Trump winning the election, a plan was openly announced and put into play to hinder his Presidency and to impeach him; and that has been the House’s primary goal ever since: to hunt for and find cause (in the public eye) to remove him from office.  +  Before becoming a Presidential candidate, Trump was well-respected and a highly admired “star” in business, in society, on TV, and for the MSM. But that immediately switched to the complete opposite extreme as soon as he became a serious contender for the White House, running against the current political establishment and power structure. Why?  When we consider just these facts, what do you think it tells us?

Can it be Trump isn’t the problem?  That previously hidden political corruption is being exposed?  That we need to look beyond what we see and hear to better understand the confusing times we’re living in?  I’ve come to believe so.

I guess that’s enough to chew on for now. Just remember folks (I keep reminding myself of this too.)  “God loves Truth for a reason; It’s the only thing that can set us free from the enemy’s snares of deception and UNtruths.”

Keep the faith everybody. God knows what is the truth about ALL things.  That’s why it’s wise to put our trust solely in Him and not in any person or political agenda. Keep focused on Him and not who is doing or saying what about whom.

He’s got this. So we don’t have to.

We can truly be thankful for that!


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