Hurricane Harvey’s Gift…

Harvey has grabbed the attention and hearts of America’s citizens and the world. And even as I write this Harvey isn’t yet finished with its rampage!  But there’s a woman called “Angelia” who’s giving the world a break from its horror by helping readers see the good it’s wrought too. Here are a few highlights…

“My heart is bleeding. Yet, in the deluge, there is also something incredibly beautiful emerging. You see, Harvey has washed away something else–hatred.

“Look at these pictures! (See top slide show.) The only color in greater Houston today is red, white, and blue. The only religion on our streets is love. There is no race, no creed, no gender, no socioeconomic classes, no nationality, no sexual orientation, no religion–

“There are only people helping people. There are only strangers opening their homes for strangers. There are only men and women risking their precious lives for other precious lives. 

“Today, no matter who you worship, the color of your skin, where you were born…we are all Texans. 

“For a stunning moment the world has stopped fighting against each other and started fighting for each other.

“It’s breathtaking. 

“Take note world. You don’t need to wait for a devastating disaster to love. You don’t need to wait until your neighbors are drowning to reach across the color, religious, nationality, political boundaries. This world is suffering a different kind of storm, one far more dangerous than Harvey–a storm of hatred. Let’s refuse to let it break us. 

“Do it now–in honor of Texans, love your neighbor fiercely today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. 

“And Texans, I beg you to remember this day every time you gaze upon your neighbor. If you would go to any lengths to save them today, then let’s go to every length to love them for endless tomorrows. 

“Harvey, you can take a lot from us–and you have. But you can’t take our spirit. In fact, you have given us a glimmer of something beautiful – Love. 

She signed it, “Beautifully, heart-brokenly yours, Angelia.”

Well said, Angelia! I hope with you that this will be the start of good things for all of America, every time we think of Texas. That all we need do is say the words, “Remember Harvey!” and we will be reminding each other that, ...if we would go to every length to save each other from the ravages of Harvey, then we have what it takes to go every length to love and save each other from the ravages of hatred in all our tomorrows.    

Click this text link to read the rest of Angelia’s Post:  The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away – My Best Laid Plans

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